Monday, July 16, 2007

Fallen Daughter: The Death of Wonderella: Some Civics Major

Internet culture is all about the NOW. Things move fast here, on the series of tubes. It is not a big truck, trundling slowly down the highway, stopping here and there to make deliveries or pick up cargo. Hence, this monumental strip, published a full month ago, is practically last year in Internet Time.

Today, Gentle Reader, we ask you to see Robot Pirate Reads Comics as a time machine, transporting you all the way back to mid-June.

Why do we treat the space-time continuum thusly? For you. This highly sought-after edition, which broke the Internet in half, represented a major change in the status quo and the biggest genie to be put back in the bottle. After this, nothing was the same. The DEATH of Wonderella will surely be a vital investment for your long, box-like portfolio.

Behold! Wonderella is fallen - felled by a gunshot from a mysterious assailant! Who killed her? How did it happen? And how will we survive ... a world without a Wonderella?

But fear not! Four stalwart heroes arise to take up the Wonder-mantle ... but which is worthy? Wonderella's sidekick Wonderita? Her mother and original Wonderella, Titania? Her arch enemy, Hitlerella? John Henry Irons in a wig?

Could it be that one of these new Wonderellas is, in truth, a villain, seeking to sully her good name as part of a nefarious scheme? But who could it be? The answer will shock you!

You dare not miss this one! And if you did, for God's sake, track down your nearest speculator and pay double, if not triple, cover price! Or wait another couple of weeks for the second printing, with a variant red cover! Trust us, it's worth it!

Oh, wait, never mind. Wonderella isn't dead after all. It was just some civics major.

The Non-Adventures of Wonderella
Writer and Artist:
Justin Pierce

(Comic image is © 2007 Justin Pierce. Used without permission)

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